Best Job In The World Videos

    Welcome to the Best Job in the World video page, where you’ll find the latest, the greatest, and the most interesting video applications for the Best Job in the World.

    We’re giving one lucky person a summer to remember because we’ll be paying them to fly to Brazil and take selfies, blog and tweet about the biggest spectacle in the sporting world. It’s undoubtedly the Best Job in the World if you’re a football fan and there’ll be plenty of people wanting the honour. However, you can show us why you should be our man in Brazil by creating a video of one minute or less telling us why you are the ideal candidate.

    You’re going to face lots of stiff competition so make sure that your video stands out and provides plenty of entertainment. We also want to see what you’re like in front of a camera so be sure that we can see you and hear what you have to say. And don’t forget to spread the word because the more upvotes that your video gets, the better your chance of being hired for the best Job in the World.

    Once your video has been created and uploaded to YouTube, don’t forget to sign up to Titanbet, place a bet, like our facebook page and then send us a facebook message with the URL of your YouTube video in order to complete your application for the Best Job in the World. Then maybe you will be heading for a dream trip to Brazil during the summer.

    Check back to this video page often so you can see some of the latest applications for the Best Job in the World and make your own mind up about who deserves the role.