Betting Rules: Motor Racing


General Motor Racing

1. All bets will be settled based on the official race results.


2. Outright Team or Driver Championship Betting
Settlement will be determined by the number of points accumulated immediately following the official result of the final race of the championship. Subsequent enquiries will not effect settlement.


3. Individual Race Betting

1. All bets will stand whether a driver starts the race or not.
2. The signal to start the warm up lap is deemed to be the beginning of the race. Any driver on the grid at this time who fails to be classified as finished will be deemed to be a non-finishing runner.
3. The podium presentation will determine the settlement of bets including in the event of disqualification.


4. Match Bets

1. Whichever driver finishes in the best race position will determine the settlement of the bet.
2. Both drivers do not need to complete the race for bets to stand.
3. In the event that neither driver finishes, the driver one who has completed most laps will be deemed the winner.
4. In the event that neither driver finishes the race and both drivers have completed the same number of laps then bets will be void.


5. Qualifying Match Bets

1. Bets are settled based on the driver that sets the quickest time in the qualifying session regardless of time penalties or grid demotions.
2. Bets are void if the driver chosen does not take part in the qualifying session.
3. Drivers who participate in the qualifying session but fail to set a time are deemed to be runners and bets will stand.


6. To Qualify In Pole Position

1. All bets will stand whether a driver competes or not.
2. Bets are settled based on the driver announced as qualifying for pole position immediately following the end of the qualifying session.
3. Any subsequent demotion, disqualification or appeal will not affect the result.


7. Fastest Lap

Bets will be settled according to the driver that is officially declared as having made the fastest lap.


8. Podium/Points Finish

Bets settled on the drivers who finish the race in the podium/points positions regardless of subsequent enquiries.



Formula 1

1. F1 Results
Results for Formula One bets are governed by the FIA's classification at the time of the podium presentation.


2. In the event of a disqualification the podium positions determine the settlement of bets.


3. Outright Formula One Championship and race bets are all-in, compete or not.


4. The official start of any Grand Prix is defined as the signal to start the warm up lap.




1. If a match is abandoned before 12 heats have been completed all bets will be void. If 12 or more heats have been completed, all bets will stand, including handicaps, totals and head to heads.


2. If a match is postponed prior to its scheduled start time, bets will be void unless the match is rescheduled within 24 hours. If the match is rescheduled to a different venue all bets will be void.


3. For individual heat winners, where the riders are quoted the named riders must all participate otherwise bets will be void.


4. For correct score and team heat winner, tactical rides do not count. For betting purposes all heats will be scored 3 for winner, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd regardless of any bonus points.


5. For head to head and total bets each rider must compete in at least one race for bets to stand.



Motorbike Racing

1. Any riders withdrawing from race two after race one will be deemed losers for settlement of race two.


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