Betting Rules: Other Events

1. From time to time we offer special non-sporting markets on events such as TV shows, award ceremonies, political events etc. Special rules will be applied to these markets and will be advertised on this website. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these rules before making any bets as settlement of any special bets will be determined by the unique advertised players rules.




General Rules

Ante-post rules apply to all non-sporting events unless otherwise stated. (i.e. All-in run or not, others may be added)


The nature of non-sporting events mean that competition rules can be altered at any time. While we try to ensure that our betting markets accurately list any eligible competitors, customers betting on such markets must accept that market parameters are always subject to change.


In the event an unusual settlement is required, such as dead-heats or bets on related selections, the company’s general betting rules apply unless otherwise specified.


Reality TV & Television competitions

·         If contestants voluntarily or otherwise withdraw from a reality TV betting event they will be considered losers for        outright betting purposes. They will also not be regarded as "next eviction" or similar terminology, in any related market;

·         If a reality TV betting event is cancelled or withdrawn, without results being declared, then outstanding bets on any market, without an official result, will be considered void;

·         Unless an "Any Other" (contestant) selection is offered as an option, all reality TV events will be offered on the basis of "others on request". We will try to add new contestants to the market as soon as possible after they are known;

·         Bets on the next elimination will be settled according to the first person announced as having been eliminated from the show. This rule will apply even where, for a double elimination for example, results are announced in no particular order.

·         If a scheduled elimination is postponed or cancelled, bets will stand only if the original list of nominated contestants remains the same. Otherwise all bets will be void.



Eurovision Song Contest

·         All countries taking part in any qualifying stages are considered as runners for settlement purposes;

·         Bets on Eurovision markets cannot be combined into multiples, except between the two semi-finals or if otherwise specified;

·         Match bets or group bets will be settled only according to the total points achieved by the listed competing nations, and dead heat rules may apply. If any listed country does not take part, then bets on that match will be void.

·         Only the result announced during the relevant awards show will count for settlement purposes. Any subsequent change to the result will not be taken into account.



Christmas Specials

·         Christmas Snow. Bets will settled as winners only if fresh snow falls, and is verified at the location in question by the British Weather Service, in the 24 hours of Dec 25th. A previous day’s snowfall still lying on the ground will not count.

·         Christmas No.1 Bets will be settled according to the official no1 single / album as announced by the BBC in the Sunday charts immediately prior to Christmas Day.




·         Politics rules equivalent to those below apply to betting on any international election or political betting market. Initial officially declared election results will stand and any subsequent legal or constitutional challenges will not affect settlement or markets;

·         Bets on the general election winner will be settled on the political party which gains the most seats in parliament, unless otherwise stated;

·         If we offer a market on a political position, for example next Prime Minister or next President, then bet settlement will be based on the next person to be elected to permanently fill the role. Interim / temporary/ automatic appointments will not count for settlement purposes.

·         If there is a merger of two or more of the listed parties, or parties / candidates agree to run together prior to an election, then bets on markets involving those parties, which have been struck prior to the announcement, will be void.

·         UK seat totals for each party will be settled as declared by the BBC, (or other nominated national broadcaster in other countries), following the declaration of all seats. The UK Speaker's seat will not count for any party's seat totals.


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