Betting Rules: Snooker

1. For the purpose of outright betting, bets will stand whether players compete or not.


2. Match Betting
If a match is awarded to a player before the full number of frames has been played, bets will stand based on the official winner, so long as at least one frame has been completed. If a single frame has not been completed, bets will be void.


3. Frame Betting, Handicap Betting & Highest Break Specials

1. In order for bets to stand, the full number of frames required to win the match must be achieved.
2. If a match is awarded to a player before the full number of required frames is achieved, all frame betting, handicap betting and highest break specials will be void, unless further play could not affect the result.


4. Re-Racks

1. Markets for both the First Legal Red and First Legal Colour will be settled immediately, irrespective of whether a frame is re-racked.
2. Markets for Frame Winner, Frame Winner In-Running and Total Points will be settled at the end of the re-racked frame. Only play after the re-rack will count for settlement purposes.


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