Horse Racing FAQs

Welcome to the Titanbet FAQ page for horse racing and horse race betting. Here you can find all the answers, submitted by customers and answered by experts, in order to make horse racing betting a whole lot simpler at Titanbet. Although most of the answers to your questions can be found here, if you have a query that is not referenced in our list or if you should find that a particular horse racing bet is missing, our customer service team will be happy to assist you.



What bets can I place on horse racing at Titanbet?

Single bets, multiple bets, forecasts, tricasts, on the nose (to win) and each way (EW) bets are all currently accepted horse racing bets on the website, with plenty more as well as some extraordinary specials to follow soon.



How do I place a bet on a horse to win a race?

After signing in, click on the odds to add a particular bet to the bet slip. If and where available, customers may choose between starting price, show price or early price. Enter your desired stake and then click on "Place Bet". Once the bet has been accepted the bet receipt will display. Details of any open bets as well as a full bet history, including horse racing bets, can be viewed in the "my account" section of the site.



How do I place each way horse racing bets?

After signing in, click on the odds to add a particular bet to the bet slip. Be sure to check the each way box in the bet slip. The amount wagered will be double the stake that you enter as you are backing a horse to win AND to place.



How do I place a multiple horse racing bet?

Select several picks from different races, select the type of multiple (all doubles, all triples) you wish to back and then enter your stake in the multiple section of the bet slip. Once complete click on 'place bet' and the process is complete. Once the bet has been accepted the bet receipt will display.



What if Titanbet doesn't cover the horse race I want to bet on?

At Titanbet we endeavour to cover every race and meeting possible, taking place within the UK and Ireland. If there is, however, a specific event you would like to bet on and is not listed anywhere on our website, contact the support team who will do whatever possible to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.



I don't understand some of the terms I see. Can you help?

Don't panic! Turn to our horse racing glossary section where you can view explanations for some of the most commonly used horse racing and horse race betting terms. With our glossary you'll stay up to date with all the jargon spoken in racing circles and need never be caught clueless again.



How do I place a tricast or forecast horse racing bet?

Choose the race on which you would like to place your bet and click on the odds of two runners for a forecast bet and three runners for a tricast bet. Your selected horses will appear at the bottom of your bet slip and you can then select the order in which they will finish by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the horses. Once you have selected your chosen finishing places, enter your stake alongside the appropriate bet(s) and click on "Place Bet".



How can I make my own racecard?

You can create your own custom racecard very easily in order to display full details of your chosen races. On the horse racing betting homepage, find the meetings that you wish to view in your racecard under "Today's Races" or future dates and click in the box next to the starting time of each race that you wish to add to your racecard in order to select that race. If you would like to add an entire meeting to your racecard you can do this by selecting the box next to the name of the race track. Once you have chosen all your races, click on the "Show Racecard" button. Your racecard will then load with all your race selections and will display full details of the horses taking part and their odds for the race.



How do I view details of a race?

By clicking on a race start time or by creating a custom racecard you will be taken to a page with full details of your chosen race. The details include horse name, silk colours, jockey, trainer, horse age, horse weight and recent form.



What do "result", "priced" and "off" mean?

The lists of races displayed under "Today's Races" and future dates can be notated with the following options:

  • Result - This means that the race has finished and a result has been declared. By clicking on a race in this status you will be able to see the result of the race.
  • Priced - This means that Titanbet has created Early Bird prices for the race. You are therefore able to choose between these special early prices or the starting price when you place your bet.
  • Off - This means that the race has just started and therefore no bets can be taken.



What does the "quickpick" option do?

By clicking on the "quickpick" option for a particular meeting, you will open up a simple list of all races being held at that meeting. The lists display only the horse name and the odds for that horse and will enable you to make your selections quickly and easily.



Do you offer live horse racing betting?

Unfortunately, live horse racing betting is not available at present, but there is a stunning array of live sports to bet on today. Simply enter Titanbet's live betting section and discover a whole new world within live sports betting.



Where can I find upcoming races?

Towards the top of the horse racing bets main page is a section entitled "Next Races". The latest upcoming races will always be displayed here and will be listed in the order that they will start with the most immediate race appearing first. In order to view preceding and following races, click on the right and left arrows in the top right corner of the section.


For races further ahead in time, the section below displays all the races available today and then for the following dates.



Where can I find general help with my account?

Turn to the regular FAQ page, where you are likely to find the answers to most questions you may wish to ask. Should you require further information which cannot be found within the site, please feel free to contact a member of our support staff.



How can I get more help?

Contact our professional support team who will be delighted to assist you with any questions, queries, comments or suggestions regarding horse racing betting, how to place horse racing bets and any other betting-related topic.


Let the fun begin and, if you haven't already, register an account with Titanbet and you can begin playing immediately.


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