Titanbet Withdrawal Support


Titanbet complies fully with Gaming Regulations and our Licensing responsibilities. In order to do this we must verify the age and identity of all of our customers. Upon registration the verification process is automated.


During the withdrawal process, however, there are instances where we may ask you to provide additional information or documentation to prevent fraudulent financial transactions and/or identity theft. These investigations happen only in a small number of cases and we strive to make this process as straightforward and expeditious as possible. If you are asked to provide such additional documentation, please take note of the following:


1. Any and all document requested by the customer support agent must be provided. The documents must be provided in the manner specified by customer support agents. In the majority of cases, this means photographing documents and sending them to customer support.


Documents must meet the following requirements: all edges of document must show, details must be clearly visible (for security purposes please only show the first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card or credit card statement), no obstruction due to camera flash. In the event that the photographs do not meet the required specifications, customer support agents may decline the submitted documents.



2. In some cases, a higher level of document verification may be requested in order to ensure that identity theft is not being attempted and/or to verify that the funds are being deposited in to the correct owner’s account. Customer support agents may, in these cases, request that the customer supply notarized documents and/or a picture of him/herself holding relevant documentation or identification.  


Once a customers documents and identity have been verified by a customer support agent, all financial transactions are processed without delay.


We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy betting with Titanbet!


Dear player,

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Contact our support [dot] sport [at] titanbet [dot] co [dot] uk for assistance.