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Horse Racing Betting Tips

Free Betting Tips from the Titanbet Tipsters

Titanbet's tipsters have been hard at work producing their latest horse racing betting tips and they can all be found in the table below.


Race Tip Odds Forecast  

York 2.15

20 Aug 2016

Custom Cut E/W N/A Custom Cut isn't getting any younger but he won this race in 2014 and he's a solid performer at this level, running some sound races so far this year. Last time out in Ireland he looked short of pace over 8f and this extra furlong will help to offset that lack of pace. This trip can be a little bit of a specialist one and it's clearly one that suits Custom Cut, who has a sporting chance of gaining his second win in this race.

York 3.25

20 Aug 2016

Mubtasim to win N/A ´╗┐William Haggas likes to win races at the York Ebor meeting, especially with his juveniles, and with one winner already on the board in that sphere Mubtasim may give him another. The son of Arcano is unbeaten so far, having won a minor event at Yarmouth, and followed up at Haydock where he showed a fine turn of speed. He steps up in grade now and this will be tougher but Haggas has won this four times in 11 years, and Mubtasim could provide another.

York 4.00

20 Aug 2016

Antiquarium E/W 11/2 Godolphin had a few options for this feature handicap but their number one hope always looked to be Antiquarium, who took the Northumberland Plate last time out. He had plenty to do in that stamina test but produced a power-packed finish to win a shade comfortably in the end. Antiquarium reverts to turf here but he handles the surface well and a strongly run race will see him go close.




What To Look For When Betting On A Horse Race

When choosing a horse to bet on, it is important to follow several steps before you put your wager down. Betting without following these techniques will be like sticking your head into a hot oven. And the chances of you winning any wagers are slim to none. Below are some simple techniques that you as a newcomer to horse betting will find useful and increase your probability of winning a wager.



This can be regarded as the quality of the race that a horse can race favourably in. Study all the previous running conditions of the competition that the horse had compete in. Normally, without a record of its previous ability, you cannot expect the horse to win a race under similar racing circumstances.


This can be regarded as the quality of the race that a horse can race favourably in. Study all the previous running conditions of the competition that the horse had compete in. Normally, without a record of its previous ability, you cannot expect the horse to win a race under similar racing circumstances.




Study a horse's racing record for the year as well as its lifetime record before considering it as a top candidate. Look for a horse that runs well most of the time. If it finished in the money most of the time, then it can be regarded as a consistent runner. A horse which had shown poor consistency in the past despite a recent good showing cannot be relied upon to win a race.




Whether this is due to genetics or its training, a horse will normally perform better at certain distances. It is rare to find horses that can run well at both short and long distances. Thus, this is one important variable to consider when selecting the horse to wager on.




Check that a horse is in a good form. Study its recent races to see if it has ran well and done so competitively. The majority of horses go through a cycle. There will a time that they will run well and after some time, their performance will start to decline.




This variable should not be underestimated. Tremendous skill is required to ride a horse to win a race. In fact, a small percentage of jockeys actually win a good number of races. A good example is the famous jockey Lester Keith Piggott nicknamed 'The Long Fellow'.



Post position

The post position of the horse can actually turn a horse into a winner or loser. Some tracks favour an inside post position while some track favour an outside position. The far outside posts and two inside post can be very challenging as without early speed, a horse can lose ground on the outside post and for the inside post, get trapped.



Running style

The way a horse runs can be classified into three (3) styles of running. It can be a front runner or pace setter, a stalker or a rally type. A front runner is usually in the lead. A stalker is a horse that is never behind the lead horse by more than four (4) lengths. A rally is the type of horse that is never near the lead horse by five (5) lengths. A front runner is the favorite horse to bet on if it doesn't have any early challengers.




Like a coach, a trainer is also a very important variable to consider when selecting the horse to bet on. There are some trainers that are great in training a horse while others leave a lot of room for improvement.



Titanbet is the home of horse racing betting and all you need to know when placing bets on the horses, both at home and abroad.





Introduction to Horse Racing Betting

Already a popular pastime, now with the advert of online betting, it is even easier to participate in this exciting sport. Many people are turned off by this sport because they do not understand how the betting system works. Actually, it couldn't be simpler. Below is a guide to horse racing betting and some of the common terms used in this sport.


Common Terms

Odds – the 'price' or probability of the horse wining

There are also several terms used in describing the types of odds in horse racing. They are:

  • Even money - where the chances of the horse winning is 50/50
  • Odds Against - where the chances of the horse winning is less than 50/50
  • Odds On - where the chances of the horse winning is more than 50/50
  • Long Odds - where the chances of a horse winning is slim
  • Short Odds - where the chances of a horse winning is high


Stake - The amount of money wagered


To Win - With this kind of bet, you are betting on the horse to win. If the horse comes other than first place, then the bet is lost.


Each Way - By betting each way, you are placing a bet for the horse to finish in one of the top places of the race which is normally the top 3 places of the race. Nevertheless, it can also vary depending on the bookmaker. If there is a small number of horses running in a race, then this kind of bet can be limited to just the first two places. For large races, with many horses participating in the race, Each Way bets can be extended by the bookmaker to cover the top 5 places of the race.


There are two parts for the 'Each Way' bet. The first part of the bet, where the full odds applies, covers for the horse to win. The second part of the bet, where only part of the bet applies, covers for the horse to finish in the top places. Hence, a £1 each way bet will cost you £2, a pound for the horse to win the race and the other pound for the horse to finish in the top places of the race.


The bet is totally lost if the selected horse picked to win doesn’t come in any of the top places of the race.


How To Calculate Your Winnings

For 'To win' bets, the winnings are obtained by multiplying the amount wagered with the odds provided by the bookmaker plus the original betting stake. For example, when you placed £2 on a horse with 5 to 1 odds, the winnings will be £2 x 5 = £10 + £2, a total of £12.


With each way bets, if the horse you selected pays 8 to 1 odds wins first place, then for a £1 each way bet (£2 stake), the winnings will be calculated as shown below:


1st part of the bet: £1 x 8 = £8 + £1, hence a total of £9

2nd part of the bet: £1 x 2 (a quarter of the odds) = £2 + £1, a total of £3


Therefore total amount of money you will receive if your horse comes first will be £9 + £3 = £12.


However, if the horse only comes in the top places of the race, then only the second part of the bet will apply. As such, you will only get to receive £3.


Make Titanbet your first port of call for horse racing and you could end up winning a packet!





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